Northpointe Bank

Apply for a Loan

Whether you’re looking for your first home, shopping around, or looking to refinance an existing mortgage, completing a mortgage application is your first step.

Apply Now to Get Started Upon completion and submission of your mortgage application, I/we hereby authorize Northpointe Bank to obtain a consumer credit report through a credit reporting company chosen by Northpointe Bank. I/We understand and agree that Northpointe Bank intends to use this consumer credit report for purposes of evaluating my/our financial readiness to buy/refinance a home. I/We understand that this credit report will be retained on file at Northpointe Bank and that the information will not be disclosed to anyone without my prior written consent.

What to Expect

Complete Your Online Application in Minutes

The online application process is easy! Simply submit the required information about yourself, your income, and assets. You may need a few things to complete your application, including:

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Most recent pay stub showing year-to-date earnings
  • W-2 tax forms and tax returns for the last two years
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of your employers for the past two years
  • Basic information about current loans
  • Basic information about current deposit accounts
  • Three months of your most recent statements for deposit accounts, stocks, bonds, etc.

Once your application is completed and reviewed, a Loan Officer will contact you to discuss next steps, provide any necessary disclosure statements, and answer any questions you may have.

Behind the Scenes

After your loan officer contacts you and answers your questions, several steps take place “behind the scenes”, to move forward with the processing of your loan request, which may include:

  • Appraisals
  • Credit Reports
  • Flood Hazard Determination
  • Pest Inspection
  • Credit Decision – Underwriting

Your lender will be in contact with you if they need any additional information.

Approval and Closing

When all loan conditions and terms are met and satisfied by both parties, the loan officer will work with you to schedule a closing time and location. Prior to the closing date, your loan officer will review all final information with you, and schedule the closing with the real estate broker and seller.